my story

When I was 17 the death of my sister rocked my entire world. This sparked my silent battle with depression and I even attempted suicide. After college I moved halfway across the world and started a successful career in banking. My mental state had gone unchecked for an extended period of time and I threw myself into work.


Then, I had a breakup. It was “The Breakup”. The one that completely rips your world apart and makes you reevaluate your entire life.   Cliche, I know. However, when you root your happiness in someone outside of yourself, it will destroy you when it’s over.


After “The Breakup”, I realized…

*I didn’t like what I looked like

*I hated my career choice

*The people I surrounded myself with weren’t my real friends

I needed to change my life and I needed to do it in a major way.

So, I did a complete overhaul.


I got back in the gym, I quit my career and started a new path, and I put my health first. It was a hard road but, I won! I went from barely being able to run a half mile, to running half marathons.


I’ve learned that your past doesn’t have to break you. You can move forward even through the tears and be incredible.


I not only built a body that I love, I’ve built the life of my dreams.


I’m on a mission to push you to greatness.


Are you ready?