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The Essence Of Program Design Juan Carlos Santana

The Dollamur SAQ Fitness Mat is designed to develop short and fast foot movements, which are the essence of quickly repositioning the base of the body and quickly changing directions. In my experience plyometric training has been abused and misused at all levels of athletic training. We have found the low-level plyometric training associated with low amplitude, fast, changes of direction to be extremely effective and very forgiving to all joints of the lower body.

The Essence of Program Design Juan Carlos Santana

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As Marketing Content and Engagement Associate, Ricardo manages LEDC's social media strategy and promotion, website design and optimization, film and graphic creation and editing. Raised in Tijuana, Mexico, Ricardo obtained his Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration and Marketing at the University of San Diego and is currently pursuing his Masters of Science in International Business at George Washington University. Ricardo professional background includes a mix of marketing consulting and marketing strategy, having previously worked as a Marketing Associate at his alma mater's Small Business Development Center. In his spare time, Ricardo enjoys reading, running, boxing, and traveling.

As Direct Community Investments Sr. Product Development Manager, Ellie leads the Product Development team in designing custom application experiences to maximize efficiency and meet program needs. Joining LEDC at the beginning of the pandemic, Ellie was involved in processing LEDC's first Covid relief project on behalf of the DC government. Over the lifetime of the DCI Department, she has taken lessons from each other's programs to innovate ever more streamlined solutions. Passionate about resource access as a tool for empowerment, Ellie previously worked with Ayuda's Language Access Program and the Scholars' Latino Initiative in Richmond, VA. Born in Atlanta, GA, Ellie graduated summa cum laude from the University of Richmond with a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies and a concentration in Development. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, journaling, and painting. 350c69d7ab


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