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Bunny Black 3

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Bunny Black 3


In Episode 3, we learn Bunny was visited by someone dressed entirely in black on the night she died. They did not utter a word but banged her apartment door until she answered. They then engaged in a struggle and while we did not exactly see the mysterious figure kill Bunny, it is fair to believe her life ended there and then.

Predators stay away from these cute little slugs because they are incredibly toxic. The sea bunny slug belongs to a group of sea slugs called dorid nudibranchs, which steal toxic defenses from their food. They often eat food like sponges that contain toxins.

The average lifespan of a sea bunny slug is only between a couple months and a year. Because of their short lifespan and typically isolated lifestyle, mating is not guaranteed and must be taken advantage of when the opportunity arises. This is also why it is so important they have such a well-developed sensory system to be able to locate one another.

She is the trainer of the Medici's legion of female assassins who specialize in hidden weapons such as the footblades Cerebella uses. They dress in bunny suits and appear in Squigly and Big Band's stories. She also trains prospective enforcers working for Cirque des Cartes, referred to by Regina as their "conflict coach".[2] 350c69d7ab


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