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How To Download C Kkompany Movie In Mp4 Format For Free

C Kkompany Movie Mp4 Video Download: A Hilarious Comedy Film You Dont Want to Miss

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining movie to watch, you should definitely check out C Kkompany, a 2008 Bollywood comedy film directed by debutant Sachin Yardi and produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor. The film stars Tusshar Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Rajpal Yadav and Raima Sen in the lead roles, along with Mithun Chakraborty, Sanjay Dutt, Celina Jaitly and Karan Johar in special appearances. The film is about three common men who form a fake gang called C Kkompany and start extorting money from rich people for noble causes. However, they soon get into trouble with the real D Company, a notorious underworld organization led by Dattu Bhai.

C Kkompany is a hilarious satire on the media and politics of India, as well as a heartwarming story of friendship and love. The film has some witty dialogues, hilarious situations and memorable characters that will make you laugh out loud. The film also has some catchy songs composed by Bappa B. Lahiri and Anand Raj Anand, such as Khokha, Speaker Baje and Yeh Hai Akshay Kumar. The film was released on 29 August 2008 and received mixed reviews from critics, but was appreciated by the audience for its humor and message.

How to Download C Kkompany Movie in Mp4 Format for Free

Download File:

If you want to watch C Kkompany full movie online or download it in mp4 quality, you can do so easily from various platforms. You can watch C Kkompany movie on Eros Now with Prime Video Channels, or on Jio Cinema. You can also download C Kkompany movie mp4 video from various websites that offer free or paid downloads. However, you should be careful about the quality and legality of the downloads, as some websites may contain viruses or malware that can harm your device or data. You should also respect the copyrights of the filmmakers and avoid piracy.

C Kkompany movie mp4 video download is a great option for those who want to enjoy a comedy film at their convenience. You can watch C Kkompany movie on your laptop, smartphone, tablet or TV and have a good time with your friends or family. C Kkompany movie is a must-watch for all comedy lovers and Bollywood fans.

C Kkompany Movie Review: A Laugh Riot with a Social Message

C Kkompany movie is a comedy film that revolves around three ordinary men who are fed up with their problems and decide to take matters into their own hands. Akshay Kumar (Tusshar Kapoor) is a crime reporter who wants to marry Priya (Raima Sen), the sister of Dattu Bhai (Mithun Chakraborty), the leader of D Company. Ramakant Joshi (Anupam Kher) is a retired accountant who wants to get his money back from his ungrateful son. Lambodar Jha (Rajpal Yadav) is a mall mascot who lies to his son about his job and hates tall people. The trio live in the same apartment complex and become friends.

One day, they come up with a plan to extort money from Joshis son by pretending to be a gang called C Kkompany. They succeed in their plan and decide to use the money to help the people in their complex who are facing eviction by a builder backed by D Company. They also start a TV show called Sarkar ya C Kkompany where they expose the corruption and injustice in the society and help the needy people. However, their actions attract the attention of Dattu Bhai, who is determined to find out and eliminate C Kkompany.

The film is a hilarious comedy that mocks the media and politics of India, as well as the common mans plight. The film has some brilliant scenes, such as the one where C Kkompany plants a fake bomb in the builders car, or the one where Dattu Bhai gets addicted to a soap opera and calls Ekta Kapoor for spoilers. The film also has some emotional moments, such as the one where Akshay proposes to Priya, or the one where Lambodar reconciles with his wife. The film has a positive message about friendship, honesty and social responsibility.

The performances of the actors are superb, especially Rajpal Yadav, who steals the show with his comic timing and expressions. Tusshar Kapoor and Anupam Kher are also impressive in their roles. Raima Sen is charming as Priya, while Mithun Chakraborty is menacing as Dattu Bhai. The film also has some cameo appearances by Sanjay Dutt, Celina Jaitly, Karan Johar and Ekta Kapoor, who play themselves.

C Kkompany movie is a laugh riot with a social message that will entertain you from start to finish. It is a film that you can watch with your family and friends and have a good time.

C Kkompany Movie Songs: A Musical Treat for Your Ears

C Kkompany movie has some catchy songs that will make you groove to their tunes. The songs are composed by Bappa B. Lahiri and Anand Raj Anand, while the lyrics are written by Shabbir Ahmed and Anand Raj Anand. The songs are sung by various singers, such as Sanjay Dutt, Mika Singh, Anand Raj Anand, Shreya Ghoshal, KK and Sunidhi Chauhan.

The songs of C Kkompany movie are:

  • Khokha: This is the title track of the film that introduces C Kkompany and their mission. It is a peppy song that features Tusshar Kapoor, Anupam Kher and Rajpal Yadav in their gangster avatars. It is sung by Bappa B. Lahiri and Mika Singh.

  • Speaker Baje: This is an item song that features Celina Jaitly dancing with Tusshar Kapoor and Rajpal Yadav. It is a catchy song that will make you tap your feet. It is sung by Anand Raj Anand and Sunidhi Chauhan.

  • Yeh Hai Akshay Kumar: This is a special song that features Sanjay Dutt singing praises of Akshay Kumar (Tusshar Kapoor). It is a funny song that will make you smile. It is sung by Sanjay Dutt himself.

  • Jaane Kya: This is a romantic song that features Tusshar Kapoor and Raima Sen expressing their love for each other. It is a melodious song that will touch your heart. It is sung by KK and Shreya Ghoshal.

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